Welcome to our bookshelf!

Welcome to the new internet home for Mother Daughter Bookshelf! We are Kathy and Kalena, a mother-daughter duo living in Minnesota who started a Bookstagram (that’s books + Instagram) account a few months ago. Now that we’ve hit a hundred posts over there, we decided it was time to expand into the blogosphere as well!

Here’s a bit of background for those who don’t already know us. Kathy (the mother portion of the bookshelf) was a professor of communication for three decades and has spent more recent years doing free-lance editing, writing both fiction and nonfiction, working as a standardized patient, and reading. So much reading! Kalena (the daughter portion of the bookshelf) is an author in the kidlit arena. Her first book, The Night When No One Had Sex, won the Minnesota Book Award for young adult literature and her second book, Shannon in the Spotlight, is a middle grade novel about friendship, family, mental illness, and musical theater coming out next April. Oh, and she also edits, teaches, and reads (though not quite as much as her mother as she has more of a life!).

And, finally, a bit of explanation for those of you who may have been subscribed to this blog for a while. I (Kathy) used to write frequently on this site about all sorts of things – feminism, family, my own writing projects, and more. However, I haven’t posted regularly in many months, so we’ve decided to transform this space into a full-time book blog. Some of our content will be adapted from our Bookstagram, with new thematic twists. We’ll also feature separate reviews, book lists, and possibly even exciting new features like author interviews and guest posts.

If this isn’t your vibe, don’t feel bad about unsubscribing! But if you are a book lover (like many of you are), we’d love for you to hang around chat about our reading and yours. Stay tuned for weekly-ish posts coming your way soon!

Mother Daughter Bookshelf

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